Echoes in the Dark

Arcology Newsflash
SuperNova goes Critical!

Des Jenkins here with a special report on the recent violence on R deck.

A regular evening at the SuperNova on R deck was interrupted last night by a vicious attack by the Red Craw pirate band led by the notorious Alphonso de’Pezal and his accomplice Kaigosh the Grim.

17 dead, 33 injured and one missing was the tally of last night’s violence, although details are sketchy at this time and OA Sec chief Stanley is refusing to elaborate. What is known at this time is that the celebrity debutante Genevive Zh’Dastal has apparently been taken hostage by the Red Craw.

Genevive was on stage at the time, an impromptu and closely guarded secret performance that has apparently been leaked to the wrong ears. Alphonso apparently descends from the ceiling as can be seen below, before station recording feeds are cut off by an illegal EMP spider drone.

Eye witness accounts then say that her two bodyguards charged the stage by were subdued by Alphonso and his pirates. Apparently shots were then fired by a 3rd party within the crowd, targeting Haste Trading employees, and in the ensuing chaos all hell broke out, with indiscriminate fire between pirates, civilians and Haste trading employees causing numerous deaths and injuries. At least 6 dead Red Craw pirates have been found and identified to date.

We spoke to Domingo Chavez, a Haste trading employee who gave the following statement:

“I was out with my buddies, Dave had recently been in a serious accident and had only recently been able to return to work, he was feeling pretty melancholy, his family had walked out and his insurance policy refused to pay out. He saw the guy who sold it to him and they had an argument earlier but we thought nothing more of it. Then that crazy pirate came down and I’m sure that life insurance guy was in on it, he pointed at Dave and his chest exploded. I can’t explain it, why would he do that…. it senseless. Then later on this crazy bitch attacked Jorge, she cut his throat man… right in front of us and looted his corpse… What the hell is happening here….”

Several reports concur that this man, seemingly with some sort of concealed weapon, being responsible for starting the riot. Further speculation will have to wait on that until we hear from OA Sec.

There are also reports of the somewhat infamous Sgt Rogers being involved in the club shootout along with some sort of space creature wantonly spraying bullets from an automatic weapon and an enraged clan of Var’lak combating the pirates.

What is more surprising is the resolution of the mystery of the recent hover tram theft. Apparently the Red Craw had stolen and outfitted the tram with some sort of electrical shock generator. Large amounts of explosives were detonated, resulting in serious structural damage to 3 decks, as this modified shock tram entered the club, providing an escape route for Alphonso and causing untold carnage. This tram was tracked for a short while before being lost near the central causeway somehow.

OA Sec have just confirmed that they have several suspects in custody form the incident and will be releasing statements soon. In the meantime we expect Baron Zh’Dastal will be forced to take steps to ensure the safe return of his only daughter. Is anywhere safe on the Arcology with the Red Craw seeming to have impunity from detection and punishment?

More as the story unfolds….

In other news, the recent blackout of fuel refinery site GA23 continues as all communication with the site remains shut off….

  • Out of Character

Nice job on surviving episode 1: As a reward you all get 1 whole XP and your bennies get reset for the next session.
We can discuss kit etc sometime at the start of the next session. As an aside you’ve all been arrested and put in the Arcology brig with weapons confiscated or disabled.
Can you post in the comments the amounts of money you won/lost/stole etc.



Welcome to the 31st Century. Mankind has pushed out into space and encountered all the imaginings of its science fiction authors. Alien races, colonisable worlds, nebulas, supernovas and cartoons of a strange robot dog called Jinky. Technology has flourished; with the help of ever advanced computer systems, magnetic shielding and geospatial mapping hyperspace travel can be enacted, reducing the journey times between star systems to weeks. As a result of this, space is, relatively, crowded and intermingling of species is common within loose protectorates of systems. The galaxy is split into factions, based either on racial history, common mercantile or religious views or even just common political goals.
You are currently in the Tau Ceti system, part of the Cetus belt. Tau Ceti is a weaker “SOL” like star, with 7 main planetary bodies, including 2 gas giants. The planet Deianara is colonised, mostly by humans and Var’lek. Also colonised is Abderus, Deianara’s moon Nessus and a small moon base on Abderus’ Moon Geryan. Furthermore asteroid mining is prevalent in both Inner Asteroid Belt (between Deianara and Cerneia) and the Outer AB (Lerna and Pholus). Refineries for interstellar fuel are present orbiting both gas giants.

By far the most impressive achievement of Tau Ceti is where you currently find yourself, within the Omicron Arcology. A floating space city, orbiting Deianara, a trade centre famed as a local hub for this quadrant of the galaxy.

The Tau Ceti system is part of the Omicron League (OL), a loose conglomeration of systems, focused on trade and mercantile wealth. They cooperate for mutual protection and fund the local police and military, but each one of the major corporations still compete for business and profit. The strongest businesses make up the higher council of 12. A lower council of several hundred represent civilian and smaller companies interests. In the 600 year history of the OL, only one of the original twelve businesses has been usurped and lost their position on the council.
The Arcology is a meritocracy based on wealth. The closer you are to the higher deck (referred to as Valhalla), the richer and more powerful you become. Within each deck, the poorer move closer to the spine, where the artificial gravity created by the centripetal effect is lessened. It is estimated 1,400,000 people live in the Arcology. Diplomacy and espionage is rife. Crime is prevalent across all decks, it just takes on a different form depending where you are. Large scale violence that threatens the integrity of the station is always frowned upon however.
A station A.I, Moriarty, is accessible by all, with various clearance levels and manages a lot of the day to day functions of the station.

Humans – Bog standard run of the mill Humies.
Var’lek – A cat like species. Bipedal but can run on all 4 limbs. Has a tail, claws, good senses of sight and hearing. Average intellect, Strong, Poor at languages, Proud. Operate in tribes, several families bound together by an equivalent of marriage, ruled over by a leading matriarch. Can be outcast, whereby genetically they tend to become larger and fiercer.


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