The Dogmen and Var’lek hail from the same binary star system. The Dogmen originated from the planet known as Dachshundi in the common tounge orbiting the primary star, the weaker of the two. The Var’lek came from the planet Var’lek orbiting the secondary star, the stronger and more bountiful star.

They have a complicated history, full of wars and conflict. Each species has never forgiven the other for countless slights real or imagined. War crimes have been prevalent on both sides.

Currently there is an enforced cease fire in the home system, but elsewhere these races still consider the other fair game.

Their is a genetic abnormality in certain Dachsundi causing them to be violent weapons of war, these are called “Shephards” and are easily identified by pointed, jet black ears. These almost inevitably end up as soldiers, commandos or criminals.

Racial Attributes

Agile +2

Racial enemy Var’lek

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