Tau Ceti

System Description

Tau Ceti, part of the Cetus belt. Tau Ceti is a weaker “SOL” like star, with 7 main planetary bodies, including 2 gas giants. The planet Deianara is colonised, mostly by humans and Var’lek. Also colonised is Abderus & Deianara’s moon Nessus, and a small moon base is present on Abderus Moon Geryan. Furthermore asteroid mining is prevalent in both Inner Asteroid Belt (between Deianara and Cerneia) and the Outer AB (Lerna and Pholus). Refineries for interstellar fuel are present orbiting both gas giants.


Notable Colonies

Omicron Arcology – Population 1,4million. Ruled by Omicron League. NPCs – Moriarty


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Tau Ceti

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